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Другие товары
Bashguard, 17 €
The highest resistance of bashguards protects your chainrings from run-ins with stones and trees. Our simple and lapidary design emphasizes the importance of such a small component of your bicycle.

  • aluminium D16T
  • Four anodized colour choice + colour combinations
Другие товары
Cog, 17 €
Cogs for your rear hubs and single speed bikes. suitable with single speed chains (1/2" x 1/8") and Shimano Hyperglide standard freehubs,

  • CNC machined from 7075 T6
  • Four anodized colour choice
  • Size: 12T,13T,14T,15T
- aluminium platform D16Т (Russian aluminium mark)
- axle 38ХМ (Russian steel mark)
- sliding bearings & cartridge Peek polymer
- weight: size M 395 g; size L 400 g

An ideal foot position on the pedal was the key idea while developing TopTun pedals.

Several researches and tests resulted in an anatomic pedal platform. Optimally chosen platform width, its bending, amount of spikes and their position let the boots stand tenaciously on the pedal and easily change the foot position on the pedal if needed.

A steel axle, a machine-cut aluminium platform and an innovative material of slide bushings, which ones do not require any maintenance, substituting bulky bearings and a cartridge fastener system are a perfect recipe of the best pedals on the market.
About us
Single-handedly done engineering and manufacturing, produced in Russia, using Russian materials is the motto of BOY components in the past and present, and well into the future.
Having appeared in 2019 BOY components took an aim to produce high-quality and reliable bicycle components. This ambitious idea turned into our own manufacture. And now, by 2020, we already have a line of components holding for foreign counterpart high quality.

We always keep on improving, enhancing and expanding our product line with the help of our riders. Due to such a hard work our own first mountain bike is not that far off.
Write to us, we are happy to communicate.
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